Dear Inqeo customers,

Our main manufacturer Consalnet have had incredible cost increases in 2018, and again this year. This is due to greatly increased social security costs, minimum wage introduction in Poland, energy cost increases, raw material price increases, and lastly hugely increased costs for waste management.

The costs from Consalnet have risen over 10%, however we have negotiated a lower increase and we are also subsidising part of it. Therefore prices will increase by +5% on 01.11.2019. We have a further agreement with Consalnet that this rise is frozen for a minimum of 12 months, so no further price rises will occur during this time.

I hope you can understand that although we, and Consalnet, are doing all we can to reduce costs – this is simply unavoidable, and we have no choice but to pass some of these cost increases on.

Please note; prices for framed prints and custom-made wallpaper prices will remain at the same price and will not rise 🙂