Hi there,

We are pleased to announce that new images are now available – all images are available as URL links from our secure cloud server, as well as available to download directly from Google Drive.


Wallpaper’s now contain the following pictures;

Canvas Prints (Consalnet Brand)

Canvas prints from Consalnet now contain the following pictures;

Canvas & Glass Prints (Fotowalls Brand)

Prints from the Fotowalls brand now include the following images;

Data Files

All CSV and XML files will be updated in the next few days with the additional columns. Please also see below a link to a CSV file with all new images in one place;

Product Images CSV

You can also access all images and download them to your local system from Google Drive;

Google Drive Image Folder

Due to the large folder sizes (100GB+ in total), you may have difficulty downloading all images in one go. If you need assistance, please contact James Belcher ([email protected]). The folder can be shared and added to your personal Google Drive (free account can be created), which will allow you to download to your local machine via Sync.

Important Notice!

Existing image URLs in current CSV and XML files will be updated to point to our cloud server. This will involve making a change to the order and name of some CSV columns / XML tags. This will happen on THURSDAY 15.11.2018 at 08:00am (CET).

Please ensure that you make any necessary arrangements to avoid issues with your data importing – if you require assistance or extra time please contact James Belcher on [email protected]