INQEO's complete suite of easily-integratable applications for your website to allow your customers to create custom-made products in seconds!

Mobile-first design

With over 80%+ of e-commerce transactions being carried out on a mobile device, we have built the MyFoto application suite to be completely responsive and mobile-first: meaning the apps are designed to work best on mobile device screens.

Completely customisable

The MyFoto applications can be completely own-branded to fit your website's look and feel via CSS. Your customers will be shown a completely seamless experience.

Easily integrate

The MyFotos apps can be integrated easily and quickly into virtually any web environment (with the assistance of a developer). The apps can also be modified if needed to work better with your website flow.

Manual quality controls

Included in the price of our custom-made items is full manual file preparation, pre-print quality inspection, and post-print quality inspection to ensure your customers receive only the highest quality products.

Check out the demo's

The demos below have been styled to fit in with our INQEO branding - but don't worry, you can change this to your sites branding via CSS. Please note, no orders placed via these demos will be processed!

Canvas App

Allow your customers to upload a photo from their device, select a canvas size, crop, and order

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Customised Wallpaper App

Offer an additional custom-made option alongside stock products to existing Inqeo designs: customers can enter their exact wall measurements and select material

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More Applications

Framed Prints App

Allow your customer to upload a photo from their device and create a framed print; with a choice of frame and frame options

Glass Prints App

Allow your customer to upload a photo from their device and create a beautiful glass print.

Photo Wallpaper App

Allow your customer to upload a photo or design from their device, enter their wall size, and crop/modify their image


The INQEO Applications are stored on your server, and run off Javascript. They can be integrated in virtually any e-commerce system, and configured to send order and image data to our INQEO Order Portal automatically.

To start integration, please contact your INQEO representative to receive documentation and files. The INQEO development team are also available to coordinate with your developers to assist with implementation.