Manufacturing Services

Outsource all or part of your manufacturing to INQEO

INQEO specialise in print-to-order - already producing and shipping hundreds of single orders for large clients daily, all with own-branding and packaging.

With INQEO you can easily integrate your existing order processing system to automatically send your orders to our state-of-the-art production facility. There, we print and pack your order ready for dropshipping. INQEO can then either ship directly to your customer, or prepare the items for collection/further shipping to your facility.

What can INQEO make?

  • Our fully in-house production allows us to make a huge range of products, all to your exact specifications.

    We can work together to match your existing products to enable you to use our production, or develop new products together.

    Furthermore, INQEO can create own-brand ready-to-ship packaging for your items, exactly as you require.

  • Canvas Prints (all sizes, up to 180cm)

  • Poster Prints

  • Frames (custom moulding, all assembled in-house)

  • Wallpaper & Mural Wallpaper

  • Wall Stickers

  • Wood Prints

  • Acrylic Prints (all sizes, up to 180cm)

  • Glass Prints (all sizes, up to 180cm)

  • Printed PVC flooring & mats