Easy integration with your website

INQEO specialises in e-commerce: find a variety of ways to easily integrate your website (or order management system) with INQEO, so you can concentrate on selling - and not order processing.

INQEO Connect

Manage all your orders, and integrations, in one place with the web-based INQEO Connect order management system.

With INQEO Connect you, or your team, are able to login to your personal order processing account. You can place, view, and manage orders and shipments, download reports, and integrate with your website for fully-automated order processing.

  • Product Data (Selling)

    Thousands of stock designs and product types/sizes are available for immediate sale from the INQEO Partner Brands; Consalnet, Fotowalls, and Uniqwalls.

    Organised product data is available in CSV form to import into your webstore.

    Data includes basic product data, grouping data (grouping several size/variants together under one design), and rich data including titles, keywords, and design attribute.

    CSV's are continually updated and available on fixed URLs - they can be downloaded directly, or you may be able to configure your system to automatically download the files from the URL on a regular schedule.

    CSV files are available from our Partner Brand websites, please note you may need to register first as a business customer in order to gain access - or alternatively contact your INQEO representative for the URL links and further information;



  • Place orders manually

    From INQEO Connect you are able to easily and quickly place orders manually.

    Orders can be placed to be sent together (back to warehouse), for factory collection, or to be individually drop-shipped directly to your customer.

  • Place orders automatically via XML/FTP Connection

    INQEO Connect has been developed with scale in mind: you are able to export your orders automatically to INQEO via XML file and uploading to an INQEO FTP location. Order data can be imported via the system.

    XML/FTP integration requires custom development from your order management system. Our development team are however available to assist your developers if needed.

    Overview of XML/FTP Connection

    1. FTP access

    You will receive unique FTP access credentials and a directory on the INQEO server in which you can schedule uploads of XML files containing your order data. Our cron is set to run once every 15 minutes.

    2. XML file

    Please configure your XML file as in the example below;

    <?xml version="1.0"?><orders> <order> <increment_id>ORDER-ID</increment_id> <internal_order_id>YOUR-SYSTEM-ORDER-ID</internal_order_id> <coupon_code>DISCOUNT-CODE-IF-APPLICABLE</coupon_code> <customer_email>[email protected]</customer_email> <order_currency_code>EUR</order_currency_code> <sales_channel>example_sales_channel</sales_channel> <payment_method>PayOnAccount</payment_method> <shipping_method>standard_shipping</shipping_method> <shipping_address> <fax/> <region>Berlin</region> <postcode>10999</postcode> <lastname>Smith</lastname> <street>Leuschnerdamm 13</street> <city>Berlin</city> <email>[email protected]</email> <telephone>0777123456789</telephone> <country_id>DE</country_id> <firstname>John</firstname> <address_type>shipping</address_type> <prefix/> <middlename/> <suffix/> <company/> <vat_id/> </shipping_address> <order_items> <order_item> <sku>TEST123</sku><qty_ordered>1.0000</qty_ordered> </order_item> </order_items> </order></orders>

    Sales Channel

    You can enter your individual sales channel here. This is to help you identify orders from different channels in the system. Orders will be saved in INQEO as "sales_channel" + "internal_order_id". E.g. MySalesChannel-1234567.

    Payment Parameters

    XML orders require pre-authorised payment on account - this involves a standing weekly pre-payment for the average weekly order values. This is then used as credit against orders. A monthly statement is provided showing all orders placed, and current account standing. Please use parameter value "PayOnAccount" for <payment_method> ... </payment_method> tags.

    Shipping Parameters

    <shipping_method>Please use either "standard_shipping" (dropshipping / DPD/DHL delivery) or "factory_collection" (for pre-arranged pickup from the factory only).

    Orders with multiple items

    Please add each individual sku and qty between <order_item> tags, and place all <order_item> tags between <order_items> ... </order_items> tag.

    Important Information!

    Please ensure you use the ISO-2 2-digit country ID code for <country_id> tags.

    When testing, please send all XML files via email to your technical representative for pre-approval before moving on to uploading directly to FTP location.

    3. Get Order Information

    Send request to:


    With parameters order_id and sales_channel


    /order-portal/xmlorders/shipment/getordershipments/order_id/123456/s ales_channel/example_sales_channel

    OR to get order data using your internal order ID, please send request to following;

    /order-portal/xmlorders/shipment/getordershipments/internal_order_id/[[[[[internalorder id here]]]]]/

    You will receive json data with one of possible responses:

    • ● 'order_id and sales_channel are required parameters'

    • ● 'We could not find this order in our system'

    • ●  'No shipments found for this order'

    • ●  Shipment data with track_number, title, carrier_code

    • ●  Live shipment status