Custom-Made Wallpaper & Prints

Introducing MyPaper and MyPhoto from Inqeo

The future is custom-made

Today's customers are demanding custom-made decor - previously too expensive or difficult for resellers to offer.

Inqeo is leading the revolution; allowing you to sell your own designs or your customers images, with 3-working-day production and worldwide shipping - for the same cost as mass-produced bulk orders, and up to 3 weeks quicker than comparable services.

What can you create with Inqeo?

Inqeo works with leading brands, designers, and retailers, worldwide - providing full-service whitelabel production and delivery of premium wall art.

MyPaper: Premium Wallpaper

Bespoke wallpaper is Inqeo's speciality: with our unique industry-leading all-digital production, you can offer your customers premium wallpaper on a choice of great materials (from standard non-woven, to fully self-adhesive, or even washable) in their exact size.

Sell your own unique designs and let Inqeo handle production and shipping, or allow your customers to send you their own images/designs. Each order is individually processed, printed, packed, and shipped to your customer - completely whitelabel, with no Inqeo branding or information.

MyPrint: Premium Canvas Prints

All-digital production from Inqeo allows you to offer your own designs, or your customer's photos, as luxury canvas prints. With over 45+ different sizes from small (30cm x 20cm) to XXL (120cm x 80cm) you can offer it all.

Each canvas print is processed by our graphic design team, printed, and then hand-assembled on wooden frames. Inqeo package canvas prints in made-for-ecommerce packaging: send anywhere in the world and we guarantee your print will arrive with your customer in perfect condition. Custom-made from Inqeo is completely whitelabel - your customer won't see any Inqeo branding or manufacturer information.

Processed, printed, packed, & shipped, in 3 working days - fully whitelabel

All custom-made orders from Inqeo arrive with your customer with zero branding or information on, or in, the box. Your customers will not know that their order was produced by a third-party.

For larger retailers with significant volume, Inqeo can offer fully packaging and inserts with your own branding for a completely seamless customer experience. Please contact our team for a call-back.

Sell to customers worldwide

Inqeo ship directly from our production facility based in the heart of the European Union to your customers - wherever in the world they are.

Use Inqeo to open up new markets, for example the European Union, with local production and shipping (great for sellers in the USA, Australia, and Asia) or simply outsource your production and delivery - take full advantage of Inqeo's economies of scale to manufacture and ship cheaper than doing it in-house.

Who is custom-made by Inqeo for?

Am I too small - am I too big? Inqeo has over 10 years of experience, and works with partners of all shapes and sizes - from artist's selling from their home studios, to some of europe's largest multinational home decor retailers.

Individual designers & artists

Inqeo offer a simple online ordering system for single designers and artists - whether you wish to offer your designs from Instagram, Etsy, or your own small website.

There is no additional charge for dropshipping and no minimum order quantity. All your orders can be placed and monitored from the online Inqeo Order Portal.

Small to medium online retailers

Inqeo allows you to add an additional income stream to your business, offering customised wallpaper or own-photo prints.

There is no minimum order quantities, and great discounts available based on monthly volume.

Ordering is simple, either via the online Inqeo Order Portal or for higher volume, via XML/FTP automatic integration.


Sell your images on premium photo prints or wallpaper via your own website or simply direct to clients.

Your photos will be printed at premium quality and delivered either to you, or directly to your customers.

Ordering is simple and quick: via the Inqeo Order Portal just upload your image, select required size, and crop (if needed). We handle the rest.

Large & X-Large multinational retailers

Inqeo produce 300-500 individual dropship orders per day - we produce currently for some of europe's largest online retailers, producing and shipping orders to customers all over the EU.

For larger retailers we can offer fully branded packaging and custom integrations via API, XML/FTP, or other.

Existing Brands & Design Houses

Inqeo offer print-to-order and fully-branded packaging for some high-profile European brands and design houses. These clients utilise Inqeo's industry-leading production techniques, quality, and shipping, to either replace or compliment their existing production capabilities.

Take at look our own example; Maisomio offer beautiful XXL patterns, completely custom made and configurable.

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Place orders in less than 60 seconds

Orders can be placed directly in the Inqeo Order Portal using our Custom-Made App Suite. Simply choose your product, upload image, and crop/configure as needed. Enter your customer's shipping information and submit order.

Larger retailers can set-up fully automated integrations, allowing orders to be automatically transmitted to Inqeo via API, XML/FTP, or other - and for production and delivery information to be returned to your system.

Placing an order for a custom wallpaper

Once logged into the Inqeo Order Portal, simply click on "Create MyPaper Custom Order". Step 1: Upload your image or design. Step 2: Enter width and height. Step 3: Crop image to chosen size. Step 4: Select your material. Step 5: Add to order and complete checkout information.

Placing an order for a custom canvas print

Once logged into the Inqeo Order Portal, simply click on "Create Photo Canvas". Step 1: Upload your image or design. Step 2: Select canvas size. Step 3: Crop image to chosen size. Step 4: Add to order and complete checkout information.

Get started: all the information you need at a glance

Find all the information to get started that you need below - for further bespoke options or for extra-large retailers with specific requirements, please contact our team for a personal call-back.

Custom-Made Product Specification & Pricing

Download the Inqeo Custom-Made pricing and specification spreadsheet; all sizes, specifications, and pricing. Please note, pricing is base wholesale in EUR - exclusive of VAT and shipping. Discounts are available based on volume (from average monthly sales).

Download from Inqeo Order Portal 

Shipping Locations & Price List

E-commerce packaging and dropshipping is included in our pricing. Shipping is calculated per order, based on location and weight. Inqeo have negotiated great shipping prices with leading couriers such as DHL, DPD, Fedex, and GLS - based on our large daily order volume. Inqeo do not charge any extra, the exact shipping costs are passed on to you.

Download from Inqeo Order Portal

Open your Free Inqeo Order Portal Account

Place your first order within minutes - start by opening your free Inqeo Order Portal account. From the Portal you can create, place, and ship custom orders in under 60 seconds. Sign-up is free and no payment information is required until you place your first order.

Open an Inqeo Order Portal Account

Order a combined MyPaper + MyPrint Sample Box

Receive a handy desktop-sized 30x30cm sample box for a nominal fee of €1 (plus applicable shipping).

Inside you will find 5 example designs printed at 30x30cm on premium non-woven wallpaper, 1 design printed on all our materials for comparison of colours, and a 30x30cm MyPrint canvas.

To order, please first create a free INQEO Order Portal account. You will find the link to order your sample box from the Launch Panel once logged in.

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