Dear Inqeo customers,

INQEO is a trading arm of JDS Partners Limited (UK) – due to the absolute incompetence of our british politicians to arrive at a deal with the EU it is looking increasingly likely that the UK will crash out of the EU on 31.10.2019 without a deal. This has massive potential to cause disruption – and due to the fact that many of our INQEO orders are produced in Poland and are delivered to clients without leaving the EU, it could create issues with VAT.

We have therefore opened a new company in Poland, INQEO Sp. Z. O. O. with a Polish EU VAT-ID. Shortly before 31.10.2019 we will switch all of INQEO sales to this new company. We will update you in the following few weeks with our new company information, VAT-ID, and bank account information.

For you, this will ensure that despite Brexit, everything will continue to run 100% smoothly. No action will be required from you, other than to update our bank details if you currently pay by bank transfer.